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Humming Bird

effective 4 to 6 weeks


Clethra Alnifolia "Hummingbird"
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Clethra is a small native (Maine to Florida) shrub that is becoming more and more popular with landscapers due to the frilly white flower display and wonderful floral aromas that reign for a month or more in mid- Summer. Clethra also sports attractive dark green leaves, tawny
brown to golden yellow fall foliage and winter appeal with its tiny remnant 1/8 inch diameter brown fruits arrayed in upright panicles. 'Hummingbird' is a compact cultivar which is 30-40 inches in height, compared to the 4-8 feet tall (about as wide) size for the species. As with
many clethras, 'Hummingbird' often forms large colonies due to its spread by rhizomes
(underground stems).
Clethra alnifolia has cold hardiness well north of Ohio to Zone 3 and will tolerate
reasonably wet sites. Like many woody ornamentals, organic, acid, moist but well drained
soils are ideal. Tolerant of partial shade and full sun. Not found to have many pest problems.
In summary, a must for the warm, aromatic headiness of a summer garden.
Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association Plant Selection Committee choice in 1993.
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