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Jane Magnolia
Jane Magnolia


Magnolia liliiflora (Little Girl Hybrid)

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The Jane Magnolia tree is a member of the 'Little Girl' series of Magnolias that are the result of a cross originally made at the U.S. National Arboretum. Magnolia x Jane was bred for its frost resistant blooming time and strong, vigorous, upright growth habit. It is a rounded, shrubby plant that has leathery green foliage and produces flowers in late spring that resemble slender tulips. The blooms are reddish-purple outside and white inside. Flowers open just before the leaves appear,(mid-April to early May) making a superb display. Once established, after the first year, this plant needs very little attention. It is an extremly reliable bloomer. These magnolias are shipped in containers with a soilless media and a 9 month slow release fertilizer.

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