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Juddi Viburnum
Juddii Viburnum







Viburnum Juddii
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It has been said that a garden without a Viburnum is akin to life without music and art. A dense shrub with stiff, upright spreading branches and leathery foliage, it is valued for it's spicy fragrance and is often used in foundation plantings. The habit is full and rouded and is very resistant to bacterial leaf spot. The inflorescence of about 3 in. wide, red in bud, white in flower, and is highly fragrant. This hybrid was raised at the Arnold Arboretum by William H. Judd. A wonderful fragrant plant for walkways and sitting areas. The brilliant red flower buds appear several weeks before the flowers begin to open extending the effective ornamental period to several weeks. The flowers then open white in late April to early May with a snowball-like appearance, attracting birds and butterflies. The dark green leaves turn reddish to wine-red in fall. Virburnum x juddii has a slow to medium growth rate and will reach a mature height of 6 feet. This shrub prefers full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. It may be pruned after flowering.
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