Care of Stock for more than several days or up to 2 weeks

If you intend to store your plants for more than several days or up to a couple of weeks prior to planting, you may do this in one of two ways:

  1. Remove plants from the containers and re-stack them in a cool place out of the sun and wind.  Stack in a circle with roots all facing the center of the pile.  Each time you complete a layer of plants  (a complete circle) place some packing material on the roots before starting the next layer.  Keep packing material and roots damp at all times.

  2. Dig a V-Shaped trench deep enough to accommodate the roots, remove all packing material, open the bundles and place the trees in the trench, packing loose soil tightly around the roots.  If possible the trench should be in a shaded location near the planting site and accessible to water.  Be careful the roots do not dry out at any time.  DO NOT SOAK PLANTS IN BUCKETS OF WATER, it will kill them.

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