Das Farms is a family operated nursery growing a wide variety of ornamental trees and shrubs. We currently have three locations in southern Middle Tennessee and North Alabama. Our entire stock is cloned from specimen trees and shrubs to ensure the highest grade of plant quality. Cuttings are taken from superior mother plants and then stuck in mist beds where they grow for two years (one year on some fast growing species) developing a very strong root system. These rooted cuttings, "liners" as they are called in the nursery trade, are then planted in the field or potted as required. They grow here for another one to two years before being shipped to our customers. A few of the plants we sell are propagated from seed. Everything in our inventory is at least 2 years old. We take time and care for these plants until they are ready for your landscape or garden.

You may contact us at 931 732 4242 for advice on plants or just to chat.