Rudy Haag

Euonymous alatus

Euonymous alatus'Rudy Haag'

Plant Characteristics

    • Zone: 4-8
    • Height: 3-5'
    • Spread: to 3'-5'
    • Spacing: 3'to 6'
    • Growth: slow
    • Form: upright
    • Usage: foundation, hedges, area separation, fall color
    • Soil: Well-drained, adaptable


A dense, rich green shrub with one of the finest fall color displays, ranging from brilliant red to burgundy. In early fall, attractive orange-red seeds will ripen. In winter the corky-winged branches offer a silhouette of distinction, especially after a freshly fallen snow. Striking when displayed with evergreens, it is a nice screen, hedge or specimen. Rudy Haag is especially useful due to its small size. It is a true dwarf burning bush. The older 'compactus' can reach 8 ft tall quickly, while Rudy Haag maintains 4 ft with light pruning.

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