Golden Guinea Kerria

Little Princes

Kerria japonica 'Golden Guinea'

Plant Characteristics

      • Zone: 4-9
      • Height: 3-5'
      • Spread: 3-5'
      • Growth: medium to fast
      • Form : Rounded Weeping
      • Uses: Borders, masses, facer, specimen, accent
      • Soil: well-drained, Shade to Partial Shade
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    Numerous large bright yellow flowers that are freely borne over a long period atop rich green foliage are what make Golden Guinea Kerria a valuable addition to the home landscape and any garden. It is a large, dense shrub covered with masses of bright, golden-yellow flowers. Light green, heavily veined leaves hold through fall revealing bright green stems for an interesting winter feature. It provides excellent color for shrub and perennial borders. Kerria prefers partial shade, so be sure and protect from hot afternoon sun. The tough plant seems to withstand considerable abuse and is quite drought tolerant. Growing 3 to 5 foot tall and wide, Kerria is an indispensable flowering shrub, especially for the shady areas of your yard where it will bloom nicely. It is recommended to prune every year so the large golden single flowers will fill the new growth in late spring and repeat sporadically during the summer. In winter the attract ive bright green stems add color to an otherwise monochromatic view. Golden Guinea is easily grown in average garden soils with a little shade. These will be shipped in containers with soilless media and a 9 month slow release fertilizer.

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