Garad's Rainbow

Garad's rainbow

Leucothoe fontanesiana

Plant Characteristics

  • Zone: (4)5-8
  • Height: 3-6'
  • Spread: to 5'
  • Bloom: White racemes
  • Bloom time: May-June

This small, evergreen shrub with leathery leaves, is easy to grow and quite adaptable as a garden shrub.  Native to Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee mountains, it is increasing in popularity because of its versatility, excellent variegated leaves, and drooping panicles of creamy-white flowers in spring, which are ideal to cut for floral arrangements. What makes the leaves so desirable is the showy combination of leaf variegation, which is in shades of green, pink, cream, and bronze. The bronze becomes even more noticeable in the fall. In the garden the attractive leaves tend to add a bright spot of leaf color when used among other evergreen and deciduous plants. Flowers appear in drooping clusters along the branch and are somewhat similar to the flowers of the Lily-of-the-valley perennial or Pieris shrub.

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