RedSkin Elberta Peach


Prunus persica ‘RedSkin Elberta’

Plant Characteristics

    • Zone: 5-9
    • Height: 15-25'
    • Spread: 15-20'
    • Soil : well drained
    • Growth: Fast
    • Age to bear fruit: 3 yrs.
    • Bloom: Dark pink to Red.
    • Does not ship to AK,AZ,CA, or HI.
    • Dormant plants will ship bare root
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The Elberta (including red skin) peach holds its own as one of the most popular peach trees. Notorious for its sweet, succulent fruit with the tell-tale blush covering its skin when perfectly ripe, this tree is a commercial success in markets and roadside stands across much of the United States. It is known to thrive in at least 28 states and is favored by growers due to its vigorous growth, steady production of fruit, self-fertile nature and compact size. The Elberta peach is also available in dwarf size for urban and suburban locations.

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