Scarlet Beauty Plum


Prunus salicina Lindl'Scarlet Beauty'

Plant Characteristics

    • Zone: 7-9
    • Height: 10-12'
    • Spread: 8-12'
    • Soil : well drained
    • Growth: Fast
    • Age to bear fruit: 3 yrs.
    • Bloom: White
    • Does not ship to AK,AZ,CA, or HI.


Scarlet Beauty’s plums fruit are medium sized with bright red streaked amber flesh and soft skin. Plums ripen in May or early summer. This cultivar requires a low chill time of 150 hours to produce fruit. Fruit production will begin after 1-3 years of planting. Water the tree thoroughly for the first few years to establish a good root system. After this flowering plum tree is established, it is moderately drought tolerant. A slow release fertilizer in the early spring growing season will encourage new growth and spring flowers. The Scarlet plum variety is a great low maintenance fruit tree for growers and backyard enthusiasts alike. Self pollinating although fruit production is improved with 2 trees.

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